Florida Gas Station Attendant Injured by Work Safe

When an employee at Seems Shell Gas Station reached into the safe, he never dreamt that he would become so badly injured he’d require medical care, yet that’s exactly what happened. The awkward angle the man’s hand made it impossible for him to extract it. Eventually the Lauderhill Fire Rescue crew was called in to assist.


It was 4:45 pm, nearly two hours after the employee initially got stuck, before the fire rescue team was able to free his arm and made sure he was sent to the hospital for treatment.


“During the time that we were trying to get him out, he was in excruciating pain,” Div. Chief Jeff Levy said. “We had to give him medication. The doctors from the emergency room gave us orders to give him some medication to try to dull the pain, but it didn’t help. He was in a lot of pain.”

imageWhen his co-workers were interviewed, they admitted that the safe had been difficult to use, but this was the first time anyone had become stuck while trying to place money inside of it.

“It sounds as if this young man has amble grounds to file a personal injury case against his employer, and possibly even the safe maker,” personal injury attorney Joe and Martin said when he learned about the case.

Employers have a responsibility to keep both their customers and their employees as safe as possible, which includes making sure that all of the equipment their employees come into contact can be safely handled. In this situation, as soon as it was obvious that the safe was becoming difficult to use, it should have been replaced. Most company wants to gain as much profit as they can regardless of anything, but safety should come first before any profit.

Since the injury took place during working hours while using a piece of work property to perform a work related task, the employer is legally required to make sure that the employees medical bills related to the safe injury are paid and will also have to compensate for any loss wages.

It’s up to the employee to decide if he would also like to sue his employer for the pain and suffering he had to endure while he was trapped in the safe. If he decides to do so, he will want to consult with a personal injury lawyer such as Joe and Martin and discuss the legal options available to him.


If the personal injury lawyer decides that there’s grounds for a case, they’ll launch an investigation that will help determine exactly how negligent the boy’s employers were and also whether the safe was a defective design, which would allow the boy to name the safe maker as a co-defendant in the case.

Once the personal injury claim is filed, the case enters the negotiation phase of the civil court process. During this time the boy’s personal injury lawyer will meet with the insurance companies that represent the defendants and the terms of a settlement will be discussed. According to South Carolina law firm, most of these types of cases are settled outside of court.






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